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Mobile Games we make is fun and challenging! Play our games now and have fun with our free mobile games! Meet our featured Cubinko, an addictive board game!

Mobile Games – You certainly never played mobile games like these match 3 game for example like Candy Crush and match the dots like Two Dots, in other words you can’t waste any more time, download our games from the Apple Store or Google Play and play right now. In cubinko you must rotate the blocks and drop on the board to form at least 3 colors and destroy the blocks but if you manage to destroy more blocks at once as a result you will gain more points. In Line Up: Dots! you need to connect the dots in order to complete each level but try to choose the correct order to collect the stars, is the most importantly! For example, you can play our new Cubinko game, a most importantly match 3 game with totally new mechanics, or you can try our game Line Up: Dots! a game of connecting the dots that is addictive and challenging. All of our games are developed with fun in mind, because we are also players like you and we love to play fun games, in other words we are always thinking and developing new games with innovative and extremely fun mechanics! Access our privacy policy and learn more.

Neomaze is an independent studio specializing in the development of mobile games. The studio was founded in 2016 and after that has since been dedicated to creating polished games with a strong focus on fun and challenging puzzles.

Play our games !


Colorful Puzzle Game!

Line Up: Dots!

Fun and Challenging Puzzle!

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What are free to play games?

Free to play games are games that you play for free. Usually studios monetize these games with in-game advertising or selling in-game items.

Can I play without advertising?

Yes, our games have an item purchase option that gives you access to the game without ads.