Neomaze is a small independent studio founded in São Paulo / Brazil by one person only, specialized in the development of games for mobile devices. The studio was founded in 2016 with absolutely no work experience and since then dedicated to creating polished games with a strong focus on fun and challenging puzzles.

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Line Up: Dots!

Fun and Challenging Puzzle!

Find out the best route and connect the dots in order until the end of the line, but don’t forget to collect the stars at the right time!

Play freely hundred levels, beginning with the easiest to the most challenging. Each level has several ways to be solved, use your logical reasoning and try to collect all the stars of each world!

Do you  have questions?

Are the games free to play?
Yes, our games are free to play without limitation. If you want you can buy items to help you in the game, but they are optional ;).
Why games contain ads?
The games contain ads to give us support to always offer quality and free games. But if you want you can purchase an item in the game that removes the ads ;).
I reinstalled the game on my phone but I had already purchased items. What should I do?
This is very simple! In the game menu you will find a button called “restore purchase”, just click it and you’re done.

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